What I’ve been up to

Training leading up to the Pocnon’s has been going just ok. My swim was really starting to take some steps back so I had another swim session with my coach and worked out some flaws and it seems like things are back to normal again.

Every since Luray I’ve had some nagging knee issues that have limited  my running a bit. But when I’ve been running the paces have been great and I’ve been issue free for a few days now so hopefully that is in the past. The bike has been mixed as well. I’ve been doing a lot of LONG hilly rides out at Skyline drive to get ready for the hills at the race. The climbing and distance has gotten easier each week but I’ve been having trouble getting to the intensity levels called for in the second half of the ride each week.



But with this Sunday’s long ride done it’s time to start tapering down for race week.


Around the house I’ve been doing some decorating. I hung up some pictures in the basement. I’ve decided to go with a sports theme and have all my baseball stuff behind the TV.


I hung up a lot of my medals over the sofa.


And then along the wall I have my first marathon, first triathlon,


first half ironman, and first Age Group win at a race.


And my bike set up on the computrainer where it stays during the week


I’ve also been doing some cooking. It’s a good thing it’s still triathlon season because once I realized how easy it is to make homemade ice cream I’ve had a constant supply ready to go.


With the cooler weather this week I was going to try pumpkin ice cream out of my Ben and Jerry’s Ice cream book. But then I realized I didn’t have nutmeg but decided I would try anyway.


But more of a problem was my lack of can opener to get the pumpkin out. So improvised and went with peanut butter ice cream with some chocolate swirl and it turned out great.


I was also happy with some buffalo chicken burgers and old bay fries I made last week.



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