San Diego

I had an StL to LA trip for last week and decided to swing by San Diego for the weekend. It seemed like it would be perfect timing since Pocono 70.3 was the weekend before and that was suppose to be my last big race of the year, but that’s not the case anymore (details in another post). So I had to fit some training in on the trip.

Thursday after work I took the train from LA down to San Diego which literally goes right by my brothers apartment.


I was still feeling the effects of being on east coast time so I slept in a bit on Friday and then went surfing/boogie boarding for a couple hours at Torrey pines.



After lunch it was time to knock out a track workout.


I went to the UC San Diego track and had a great run that reminds me why it’s so hard to come back home after being in San Diego.  IMGP0033

The weather was beautiful, I nailed my workout and being only a mile from coast I could V-22s, F-18, and Chinooks going up and coast doing training flights during my run.

Saturday I did some more surfing and has some wild animal encounters. I had a seal that was very curious and got very close to me a couple of times when I was surfing. It freaked me out a bit since I’m not use to seeing much wildlife in the ocean. Plus in mind seals = sharks and I was reminded of this picture which happens to be right down the street.


In the afternoon I went hiking around Torrey pines for a couple of hours.





Sunday I watched some NFL games in the morning. It was a really weird experience drinking coffee and watching a game that starts at 10 am. After that it was time to do my long run for the week. I went up Torrey Pines and then along the coast to La Jolla and back covering 18 miles. Like almost every day in San Diego it was great weather. I did have another wild animal encounter and saw a snake on the trail when I was heading out of Torrey Pines. They are know to have rattlesnakes but I didn’t stick around long enough to find out what kind of snake it was. 

After my run it was nice to able to just hope in the pacific to cool down.


Then see a nice sunset.


Monday was a nice breakfast in Del Mar and then rest of the day was traveling back to reality and DC.

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