Doing some Cooking

With time off the holidays and relatively light training load I’ve spent some time cooking the last couple of weeks.

I cooked something I’d been wanting to for a long time, braised pork belly.


I started with the pork and browned it for a while.


Then I cooked up some vegetables


Added the pork back to pan and surrounded it with chicken stock


Then it went into the oven for several hours and I took it out to cool and reduced the sauce.


Then put the pork back into the oven at a higher temperature


I was a little disappointed, the actual meat was great but it turned out to be very fatty. I’m not sure if that was because I didn’t braise it long enough to melt off the fat or that’s just how this cut turns out.

I’ve also cooked some pork chops with roasted grapes


And made some berry french toast for breakfast on Christmas morning.


Rack of lamb was also on sale at the grocery store one day so I bought that and cooked it up and added a roasted tomato tart.





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