I said that one of my 2012 goals was to improve my swimming and I’ve been making good on that promise.

December was a good start, with 43,500 yards and was one of if not my biggest month of swimming so far. I saw some nice drops in times and was getting back to where I was in the middle of the triathlon season.

But in January I really got into it and logged 73,000 yards in the pool.

I saw some nice big improvements and set my best times for a wide range of intervals. One of the workouts I’ve been doing a lot involves 300 yard repeats and I’ve been able to knock off a good 6-7 seconds per 100 yards. In another workout I do 100 yard repeats and I’ve gone from being around a 1:30 pace at the end of December to now being down at 1:22-1:23 for all my intervals.

I still want to keep improving and get faster but it finally seems like my swimming is making the improvements I had been hoping for. I know this much probably won’t be sustainable once triathlon season ramps up but I figure getting in all the swimming now should help ingrain some of the improved technique and hopefully translate to some significantly faster swim times this year.

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