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Cherry Blossom 10 Miler Race Report

I finished a big training week the cherry blossom 10 miler today. I had my long ride yesterday so I really wasn’t sure expect. But I finished in 1:11:22 which is a four minute improvement of last years ten miler so I’m happy.

I took the metro to the race and got to the start area with plenty of time to spare. IMGP0141_edited-1

So I was able to walk around and snap a couple of quick monument before I went to warmup.

IMGP0138_edited-1 IMGP0139_edited-1 IMGP0140_edited-1  IMGP0144_edited-1  IMGP0146_edited-1

For a warmup I ran over to the Lincoln memorial which was really cool looking at this time of day.


I got back to the start area and took care of some last minute stops (secret: the bathrooms by the 5km start are a lot less crowded) and got into my assigned corral.

One benefit of getting faster over the years is that I usually get to start in the first corral at these big races and I think it makes a big difference in terms of enjoyment and ability to have a good race. It’s a lot less crowded and everyone tends to know what they are doing so wasting energy weaving through crowds is not an issue.

For the race itself the weather was perfect and I think I did a good job with my pacing. I didn’t go out too fast and settled into an even pace. The drop in miles 3 and 4 is due to a lost GPS signal when we ran under the overhang by the Kennedy Center not an increase in pace. I didn’t really have a “goal” for this race I just wanted to put in a hard effort and what every was left in legs at the end of this week is what the results would be so I was surprised to see myself running low 7’s relatively easily.    


I thought the course was ok. It’s stays along the water most of the time which is nice but I found the Hains Point portion of the race to be kind of boring and without a lot of spectator support. The sections by the mall and Washington Monument were fantastic and packed with cheering spectators which is always nice. 


The longest part of my day was the trip home. I decided to walk back to the metro center stop so I could get on the red line and not have to transfer trains. The walk took me by the White House and I was able to see all the extra security at the Willard hotel for the delegates coming in to town for the nuclear talks this week.  But the bummer was the metro ride home. Apparently there was a fire on one of the tracks between rockville and shady grove (my stop) which caused the trains to run on a single track. This means long waits at every station and the ride home took forever.