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MCRRC Shooting star 4 miler

I had another Montgomery County Road Runners club race this morning at Sligo Creek Middle School.


And they don’t mess around when it comes to expectations as clearly stated by the sign.


I didn’t run this race last year but I believe they said the course changed this year. It was two loops with an extra little out and back on the second loop.


The start was a little bit odd because everyone started at the middle school parking lot


And then ran around the cars back out to the street. I guess they needed this extra little loop to make the course 4 miles.



Once out of the parking lot it was downhill and then a little off road section to get onto a trail



The course went on the trail for about a half mile and then back uphill through some neighborhoods and around the backside of the middle school to start the second lap.


My race went well. I ran with the same group most of the time and pushed my pace during the uphill sections. I had enough energy left that after getting over the final hill I made a really hard push on the downhill and ran away from the group I was with to finish in 27:20 for a 6:50 min/mile pace.



After finishing I walked over the rec center to get some coffee and a bagel.

And earlier this afternoon I got on my bike for the first time in a while to stretch out my legs and get ready for adding some swimming and biking workouts starting next week.