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Home Stretch

This was my last big training week for Ealgeman and my two week taper started today. Thursday I went out for a long trail run, since I hurt my ankle this winter I haven’t been trail running much so this was a nice change of pace. It was scorching hot out and when I got done my shorts were so soaked with so much sweat it looked like I had hopped in the pool.


Saturday I had a “race rehearsal” work out which is a 56 mile bike ride at race pace followed by a six mile run. I wanted to go back to Cambridge and ride the course like I did a few weeks ago but the weather was predicted to be thunderstorms so I decided it would be better to stay at home and ride instead of driving for two hours just to get caught in a thunderstorm.


The problem with riding at home is that the terrain is very different so it isn’t a great simulation of what I’ll see on race day, which just miles and miles of flat. But this where the powermeter comes in handy, I just ride to the watts I need to and don’t worry about the speed because it will obviously be less then on race day. I had a good ride, hitting all my watts and I had a solid run afterwards. The bad news was the weather was perfect all day. That’s not really bad news, but it means I could have gone out to Cambridge and rode the Eagleman course again without getting rained on.

Sunday I got another bike ride done at a good pace.



Looking back at my training for Eagleman this spring I been much more consistent with my long runs and bikes compared to last year and I’m about 15 pounds lighter. Based on my training and race performance this year if I get good weather I should be capable of sub 5 hours and a 4:50:00 race is the goal.

Another Big Weekend

My buildup towards the Eagleman race in June is progressing well and I had another weekend of training.


I got off a a cross country flight and then went for my long. I was expecting it to be a complete disaster but was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t. Last week’s long run was a mess so it’s nice to see a good one this week.


I had a short ran and swim. The swim went well with most of 100 times in the 1:30’s which is fairly good for me. Plus, I had a dentist appointment and didn’t have any cavities!


I wanted to go to Cambridge and ride the area around the Eagleman course for my long ride but the Six Pillars century ride was going on so I switched my weekend rides and did my 2 hour ride and 30 min run today.

I also went and put some money on the Kentucky Derby. Unfortunately I lost. I got the #2 horse correct, but the #1 horse got boxed in on the home stretch and wasn’t able to get to the front.


Today I went out to Cambridge for my long ride and I had a really good one. I needed to ride longer then the Eagleman route so I did one loop of the Chesapeakeman course.

I like going out to ride the course a couple times before the race because the terrain is pancake flat which is different then the rolling terrain near me.IMG_1714_edited-1

It’s reassuring to know that I can go 3+ hours riding in the aerobars for most of the ride. I also get an idea of what kind of time I’m going to able to do for the race plus it gives me an idea of how to handle different weather conditions.


Unlike last time when it was cold and calm, today was hot and windy. So I had some sections where I was putting out 290 watts with a 16 mph and others where I was coasting with 100 watts and going 21 mph.



I found this intersection interesting. It’s my first and which way is the road? Do both of them have the same name?



After the ride I found an AWESOME Pig place in Easton MD. Which I plan on going to whenever I go out to Cambridge for a bike ride.



Then it was time to come home and pack for another work trip this week.


Eagleman Pre-Ride

On Saturday I went out to Cambridge to ride the Eagleman course to get accustomed to riding in the wind and staying in the aerobars for long periods of time since it’s so flat. I plan on doing this several more times before the race in June.


The weather forecast was looking good and was suppose to be in the high 70’s but it turned out to be overcast and cold, it was probably in the high 40’s when I started. Luckily I had a coat and two pairs of arm warmers with me and I was to use one as an improvised pair of leg warmers which worked out good and I used for the first half of my ride. DSC00517_edited-1

I have ridden this route three times including the race and training rides but this time I managed to get extraordinarily lost as evident by my GPS track. It should head towards the Blackwater Wildlife Refuge and make a circle back towards the start and that is not what I did.


I started to follow the pavement markings for the Chesapeake Man race but I soon learned that is a different course when I saw a lot of unfamiliar terrain. And I managed to lose the markings for the Chesapeake Man route which is my dead end up in the top left.  But for this area everything is flat and windy so the fact I didn’t ride the actual course isn’t that big of a deal. I got to see some sites I wouldn’t have gotten to see like some more waterfront views:DSC00500_edited-1

And a couple of goats:DSC00498_edited-1

As for my actual ride it wasn’t a steady effort but I had a series of intervals to do for the ride and it was really interesting to see the impact of the wind. For the first few there wasn’t much wind and I was averaging 23 mph but for the last few I had a side/head wind and at the exact same wattage (+/- 5 watt average) I was only going 19 mph. And because everything is pancake flat that 4 mph difference was due entirely to the wind.      DSC00526_edited-1 DSC00533_edited-1   

After riding I drove out to Assateague Island park near Ocean City and I was freezing at the beach because I only packed a pair of shorts and it was overcast and windy. I decided to see if digging a hole to sit in would help me stay warm but it did not work. So I went with the conventional blanket route instead.


This is the beach where horses from the national park will occasionally walk out to beach and I have seen this many times. But I saw a new one on this trip to the beach, people brought their own horses to ride on the beach.DSC00616_edited-1

And then on the way out of the park one of the wild horses wanted to meet the new horses.


I wrapped up the weekend with a two hour ride and half hour run on Sunday for another solid weekend on training. Next week I have the cherry blossom 10 miler on Sunday and the week after that is the first triathlon race of the year!    


Cracking the big 4 0

I cracked 40 miles running in a week for the first time today. This is the biggest running week I’ve ever done and my body doesn’t feel that beat up. The week consisted of a 10 miler on Tuesday, 8 miles on Saturday with 40 minutes at tempo pace, and lots of easy runs the rest of the week. My run training has been going really well and I’m on track for meeting my half marathon goal in March.